Laura Tozer

Department of Physical and Environmental Sciences


Research Focus: Climate Policy


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Research Projects

Beyond technological fixes – Fostering justice and equity in the transition to sustainable heating technologies in Canada (FITTING)

Daniela’s research critically analyses how governance and politics affect a socially just, inclusive, and equitable access to sustainable and affordable heating technologies in Canada. It assesses how the impacts and benefits of these technologies are distributed along different social groups. The research intends to highlight the urgency of looking beyond technological fixes and taking different and transformative approaches in the transition to these technologies to avoid socio-economic, health and other spatially unjust consequences on societies.

Youth-led Leadership in Climate Action – Partnership with City of Toronto

Climate Positive Energy is pleased to announce a partnership with the City of Toronto’s Environment and Climate Division to lead the development of a city-wide youth engagement strategy. This work will enable youth-led leadership with an equity lens in climate action in Toronto, supporting the implementation of the City of Toronto’s TransformTO Net Zero Climate Action Strategy. The TransformTO strategy outlines a pathway to achieve net zero emissions in Toronto by 2040. As part of the research and development of TransformTO, it was identified that the creation and implementation of a youth-specific engagement strategy is critical to the adoption of the city-wide actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The four-phase project will see the research team complete a jurisdictional scan and review of relevant best-practices to inform the approach for a city-wide youth climate action strategy. Once this phase is completed, a co-design with key youth-led or youth focused organizations will be developed, followed by a city-wide consultation process utilizing identified support options to inform the Youth Engagement Strategy. The results of the research and consultations will be presented in a written report, which is expected to be completed in 2024. The report will continue to inform key recommendations for youth climate action engagement in Toronto.