Climate Change Policy & Technology Research

Climate Positive energy research is centered on two integrated themes representing the interplay between social and policy considerations (Envision) in the development of clean energy technologies (Empower).

Solar & wind energy storage
grid tower in snow


Drawing upon the interdisciplinary breadth at U of T and its community partners to investigate the social, political, economic, and climate implications of sustainable energy and guide technology development for just climate change mitigation in the service of local and global communities.

Envision research includes:

  • Developing equitable & just policy
  • Assessing economic, environmental and emission reduction potential of systems and technologies
  • Promoting social and technological demand-side management
  • Ensuring the global reach of climate mitigation solutions
grid tower in snow


Expanding renewable energy and reducing energy demands are both critical to meet our GHG emission targets, minimize pollution, and decarbonize our energy systems. Empower blends near-term and long-term approaches, spanning carbon utilization, energy storage and efficiency, and decarbonization.

Empower research includes:

  • Efficient & affordable low-carbon generation technologies
  • Community informed high- and low-tech solutions for energy production, distribution, and efficiency
  • Economic CO2 capture and conversion technologies
  • Energy-efficient cities, transport, and building
  • Carbon negative chemicals & materials
  • High energy density, low-cost sustainable batteries and liquid fuels for storage