Research & Testing

Suite of services provided by the facility:

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Emulation of a utility-scale, high-power, high-voltage Point of Interconnection (POI)

  • Capability of emulating DC-AC voltages from 500 V to 33.3 kV
  • Capability of representing up to 10 MW of power exchange between an emulated version of a utility and power-distribution systems on both AC and DC side
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Hardware-In-the-Loop (HIL) testing of hardware-implemented control solutions before field implementation

  • Capability of testing fast local control systems dedicated for operation of energy storage systems, solar-PV units, wind turbines, EV-charging stations, G2V and V2G
  • Capability of testing wide-area control solutions for management of power systems
  • Capability of testing wide range of communication mediums, e.g., IEC-61850 compliance, for supervisory control and remote management of distributed energy resources
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High-Performance-Computing (HPC) capability for power system big data analysis and visualizations

  • Testing the emerging concepts of AI, Machine Learning, and IT over a real-time simulated version of a power system with high fidelity
  • Real-time data accumulation from Independent System-Operator (ISO) for system forecasting studies and market analysis
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Real-time simulation of large electrical energy systems

  • Capability of simulating electrical energy systems (grid) in any location worldwide at generation, transmission, and distribution levels, with diverse range of renewable energies, energy storage systems, EV-charging stations, G2V and V2G, and other power system apparatus
  • Capability of real-time simulation of power system events over wide range of operation time frames, from nanoseconds to multiple hours
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Cyber-security related analysis between supervisory control systems, energy management units and electrical energy systems

  • Capability of analyzing various cyber-secured protocols over physical gateways from the electrical energy asset all the way to the power system operator and dispatch centre
  • Pre-field test of cyberattacks with minimum discrepancy from physical power system
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Capability of emulating various types of distributed-energy-resources at the exact same voltage and power ratings as the physical system

  • Capability of emulating solar-PV units with precise characteristic representation of the physical system
  • Capability of emulating Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)
  • Capability of emulating Electric-Vehicle chargers and supply equipment