Marney Isaac

Marney Isaac

Geography and Planning


Research Focus: Forests


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Research Projects

Sustainable Agriculture as a Pathway to Economic Development in Latin America

In July, I will be moving to Turrialba, Costa Rica to live and work at The Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center (CATIE) for a 10-month co-op placement. This research center attracts students from across Latin America who are passionate about the environment and creating a more just food system. Alongside my work, I will also conduct research on the relationship between sustainable food systems and economic development in Latin America. Participating in the CPE Program will allow me to conduct a literature review on sustainable food systems in Turrialba prior to departing for Costa Rica. Once I arrive, I will use this funding to cross examine my literature review with my lived experiences at one of the world’s leading agriculture institutions. At the end of the program, I will produce a report arguing that international development initiatives should prioritize sustainable agriculture programs because of the benefit that they bring to rural communities.