Ascertaining the Hope of the Anishinaabe on Environmentalism and Conservationism

It’s a shame that the Anishinaabe, profoundly connected to their land, suffer from environmental racism. Hope drives pro-environmental actions, what is the nature and level of hope the Anishinaabe have for preserving the health of their traditional territories? As a Chinese studying on Anishinaabe lands, I want to learn more about my positionality and elucidate these through secondary research. Methods Week 1-7: Read from databases like the I-Portal and relevant books to understand Anishinaabe Environmental Knowledge, history, and worldview; comprehend their perspective and outlook Week 8-12: Review the characterization and measurement of hope in environmentalist and Indigenous contexts using psychology databases (e.g., PsyINFO, PsycArticles) Throughout, I’ll critically screen for Western biases in the existing literature. I’ll produce a paper that summarizes my findings and highlights any research gaps.