Olivier Trescases

Olivier Trescases

Electrical and Computer Engineering


Research Focus: Mobility and Transportation

Contact: olivier.trescases@utoronto.ca

View Bio: https://www.ece.utoronto.ca/people/trescases-o

Research Projects

Improved Efficiency in Automotive Applications

“I am a 4th year Engineering Science student majoring in Energy Systems. Through my undergraduate studies, I have developed a passion for applying electrical engineering knowledge to climate positive energy applications. My summer research topic focuses on improving the efficiency of 48V-to-1V power converters in automotive processors, which contributes to the high-level goal of accelerating the de-carbonization of the global transportation sector through improvements of power electronic converters. From this research project, I hope to contribute to mitigating the issue of high energy consumption in electric vehicle applications, thereby increasing the efficiency of the transportation sector, and achieving a just and equitable net-zero future.”