Daniel Posen

Daniel Posen

Civil and Mineral Engineering


Research Focus: Measurements and Modelling

Contact: daniel.posen@utoronto.ca

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Research Projects

Modelling electric and hydrogen fuel cell pathways for Canadian light-duty vehicles to meet climate targets

Ground transportation is one of the main sectors responsible for global energy-related anthropogenic greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. In Canada, the transport sector accounted for about 25% of total GHG emissions in 2019 and Canadian light-duty vehicles (LDVs) are larger and less fuel efficient compared to most other countries[1], posing challenges to Canada’s climate mitigation plans, and requiring ambitious policies to facilitate transitions to low-carbon transportation. The proposed study aims to provide a quantitative assessment of the projected low-carbon transitions in Canada’s LDV transportation by modelling and comparing budgets and emissions estimated from life cycle assessment (LCA) under different mitigation scenarios/pathways.