We are delighted to share that an article co-authored by CPE Member Kate Neville was recently awarded the 2022 Britta Baumgarten Memorial Prize by the journal Social Movement Studies. Titled Slow Justice: A Framework for Tracing Diffusion and Legacies of Resistance, the article develops a framework around the concept of “slow justice” to understand the ways in which environmental movements might have invisible, less tangible, and complex positive consequences that are difficult to see and measure, with non-linear patterns of causality, and effects that may spread well beyond initial spatial confines and over time. The jury found the article to be “singularly ambitious, original, and well-written.” The article is available as an open-access publication here.

CPE shares its congratulations with Kate J. Neville and her co-author Sarah J. Martin, and thanks the jury members for their deliberations.

Read the full announcement: https://www.tandfonline.com/journals/csms20/collections/best-paper-prize-britta-baumgarten