Green Transportation Research

According to Environment and Climate Change Canada, in 2021, about 22% from transportation which represents the second largest emitting sector after the energy sector. Stemming from understanding the need for Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEV) and Electric Vehicles (EV), Climate Positive Energy has supported various projects to green the transportation sector.

  • Examining the public health impact of ZEV mandates in the US “Forward-looking public policies are needed to ensure a just transition, and by quantifying the health co-benefits of sustainable infrastructure, we can build a strong argument for them. I aim to quantify the health co-benefits of Electric vehicle (EV) sales using observational data across the US using a combination of statistical and explainable machine learning approaches. By quantifying these effects, we… Read More
  • How to Decarbonize Automobile Transit: Lessons from Norway Examining how the raft of policies that Norway implemented can provide unique insight into the levers that could be used in Canada, to understand what factors affect individual decisions to purchase electric cars, and measure the benefits to the environment of doing so. Read More
  • Improved Efficiency in Automotive Applications “I am a 4th year Engineering Science student majoring in Energy Systems. Through my undergraduate studies, I have developed a passion for applying electrical engineering knowledge to climate positive energy applications. My summer research topic focuses on improving the efficiency of 48V-to-1V power converters in automotive processors, which contributes to the high-level goal of accelerating the de-carbonization of the global… Read More
  • Thermal Management of EV Power Electronics using Metallic Phase Change Materials Shahzeb is currently pursuing his MASc in the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering. His work is focused on enabling the next generation of electric vehicle infrastructure through novel thermal management strategies. He is also working within a multidisciplinary project to design a functioning electric vehicle fast charger as a proof-of-concept. Read More