Climate Change Economics

Stemming from our belief that climate is a multi-disciplinary issue, Climate Positive Energy has supported projects on carbon pricing, techno-economic analysis and life cycle analysis of various sectors and their impact on climate change.

  • Canadians and the Carbon Tax: A Story of Inequality Hugo Cordeau is a doctoral student in economics at the University of Toronto and a scholarship holder of the Fonds de recherche du Québec – Société et culture. His research interests focus on public finance and industrial economics, with a focus on climate action. His ongoing research is about progressive taxation on carbon in the Canadian federation context. Read More
  • Is Biomass Power Carbon Neutral? Evidence from a Structural Model of the US Logging Industry “My research will investigate the impact of biomass energy subsidies on forest carbon flux in the US Southeast. To achieve this, I will analyse key decisions in the industry including land use, harvesting, and mill investments, utilizing detailed forestry industry data to model mill and landowner behaviour. By combining the disciplines of economics and environmental science, I aim to assess… Read More
  • Sustainable Agriculture as a Pathway to Economic Development in Latin America In July, I will be moving to Turrialba, Costa Rica to live and work at The Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center (CATIE) for a 10-month co-op placement. This research center attracts students from across Latin America who are passionate about the environment and creating a more just food system. Alongside my work, I will also conduct research on… Read More
  • System analysis of forest timber and carbon services in Ontario “I will adopt a comprehensive approach, integrating system dynamics, agent-based modeling, and artificial intelligence, to simulate and analyze the complex dynamics of the timber markets supply and demand. The primary objective is to examine a range of policies that can achieve a harmonious equilibrium between timber harvest and the crucial ecosystem service of carbon storage, considering the uncertainties associated with… Read More