Image of Toronto skyline against a foreground of Lake Ontario and spring greenery.

Climate Positive Energy is pleased to support Toronto Climate Observatory (TCO) in hosting a 1 day in-person* workshop to bring together researchers from academia and beyond studying topics related to climate impacts, mitigation, and adaptation in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). The hope is to improve understanding of how these processes are unfolding across our region and contribute to the development of a stronger network of researchers who take a local perspective on climate issues. TCO are excited to hear from a diversity of fields of expertise and perspectives on this topic. They are particularly interested in connecting with researchers excited about working in interdisciplinary or transdisciplinary settings, and who seek to center concerns of climate equity and justice in their work.

Call for Abstracts:
TCO are asking all participants to be prepared to give 10-15 minute presentations that describe their work on a topic relevant to the workshop goals. Faculty, graduate students, and non-academic researchers are welcome. To participate, please submit a brief (200-300 word) abstract to the link below. Workshop organizers will group accepted talks into a series of interactive panel discussions and announce the full schedule closer to the date.

Deadline for Submission: June 15th, 2023

Abstract Submission Link:

Please consider sharing this invitation with others in your network who may be interested, or contact Robert Soden ( with any questions.

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*COVID safety precautions, including encouragement for breaks and other activities outdoors and ensuring adequate ventilation will be taken.